“I have recently been plagued with acne and wrinkles. I have tried wrinkle creams and acne products but to no avail. Out of sheer desperation I slathered the salve all over my face after reading possible benefits of THC salve, and it has done wonders for my face. After three days my wrinkles on my forehead have settled, and my acne has completely cleared up. I have very sensitive skin and this felt thick going on but my skin didn’t react negatively at all. I just went and bought a huge jar from the Karmasuticals dispensary and told the staff about it.

I love your product and I hope you never stop making it, it has been the best thing I have found for a beauty cream hands down. Thanks!

~ Roxanne, 28

“I struggled with cold sores my entire life and could never find anything to help ease a breakout. Not only does your Lip Bong heal cold sores within a day or two, if used regularly you won’t have any breakouts at all! Weed is medicine!

Lip Bong is a miracle worker!”

~ Jen, 45

“I became an immediate fan of your Cannabis Salve the day I bought the $5 sampler. I’m sure you know this but it is absolutely amazing. I use it to help relieve migraines, cure chapped lips (1 application needed all day!), prevent sunburn damage, aftershave and best of all it killed a wart! I tried it with doubt in my mind but the salve in fact not only stopped further growth but shrank the wart until it was gone….. this blows my mind as I thought the only intervention for warts was surgery/procedure. Anyway enough of my rant, I’ll continue to go about and spread the good word of your awesome product line as I have recruited a few already. Thank you so much for your products and wish you all the best!”

~ Sandy, 48

“I’ve struggled with the worst kind of dry skin on my lips for my entire life. It’s so severe that it almost always results in cold sores from repeated cracking and splitting. I get a very deep split in my bottom lip which opens up repeatedly with any kind of movement; the tissue beneath the surface bulges out, painfully. This follows me for months on end and I’ve gone through so many lip balms over the years and nothing has ever worked. I have a scar in my lip from years of splitting. I was going through a particularly bad round of the lip splitting when I first tried your Lip Bong. I nearly fell over when I realized my lip was HEALED UP within HOURS of using it! NOTHING has ever worked, much less worked in the day of application. It feels incredible on my lips and I love the light, natural flavor and scent. I’m never without it. (My fiance loves it too and he kisses me just to steal it off of my lips!) I’ve not had a cold sore since I started using it, that in and of itself is a miracle! Hey, we even use your Lip Bong on our elderly dog’s nose because it’s dry and split. Our whole family loves it! I’m more than impressed.I tell everyone about your product. Thank you for making it so effective and affordable!”

~ Carrie

“You created a wonderful product when you came out with your salve. It is truly, a healing product. It healed up a boil that was trying to fester on my leg. I put your salve on it and it cleared it up in three days instead of the usual two weeks. It also works on painful, sore, and discomforted areas. It takes my anxiety chest pains away and helps with pain in my esophagus, fingers, forearms, etc.

The Products WORK and are Truly AMAZING. HATS OFF TO YOU and Your Products. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Thank You so much. You are a Godsend.”

~ Terri, 43

“I am cursed with a pretty intense monthly breakout. The other day I put some of your Topical Tincture on one of those deep painful zits and it pulled the zit to the surface, dried it out, and stopped it from hurting!

I will never use anything else!”

~ Liz, 41

“I am a year-round Lip Bong user! I keep a tube on my living room table and one in my jean’s pocket. I have dry skin, and really sensitive lips. I used to use EOS and Burt’s Bees. Then I moved to CO and found your balm. I swear by it and tell anyone who is willing to listen how wonderful this product is. And on a kind of a weird side note (and I bet you never heard this one before), I live with CTE, and part of that disease is unexpected bursts of rage sprinkled with depression. The smell of the Lip Bong is actually very soothing to me! This is, hands down, the very best lip balm I have ever used! Thank you so much for making it!”

~ Kat, 52