“As a massage therapist, this product has been the best tool I’ve discovered to benefit both my clients and for my personal self care and injury prevention for my practice in seven years.”

~ Ambrosia, 31

“We have been selling Mary Jane’s for a little over a year now. I can’t say enough about them. It is, in our opinion, one of the best topicals in Colorado. Our patients love them. Our staff love the products and are always excited to explain all the benefits of Mary Jane’s Medicinals. Personally, I have integrated the salve into my daily routine. It does wonders for my aching hands and knees. I’m also not reeking like a grow room as with some of the other salves I’ve tried. The lip balm and lotion are winter essentials!

I will continue to keep your products on my shelves in store and at home! Thank You Mary Jane!”

~ Triton G., Owner, Crossroads MMC

“We heard a great story involving the Heavenly Hash Bath… Apparently a woman in Denver bought a Hash Bath to share a romantic bathing experience with her boyfriend. The bath put them both in such a loving mood, that her boyfriend proposed in the tub!

She attributes the proposal to the amazing mood the Heavenly Hash Bath helped create. We’re sure there are other reasons he proposed – but we LOVE being a part of it!”

~ Mary Jane’s Medicinals