“For six years I lived with a cancer radiation burn the size of a dime. The mental anguish, the staff infections, hyperic-oxygen in a coffin, plastic surgeries. None of these treatments helped. With skepticism I tried your Cannabis Salve and amazingly within a week it has almost completely healed!! I have gone through six years of bleeding, pain, infections and much stress and concern.

I am a 3x Cancer survivor, but just the same I have felt overwhelmed.
Thank You Mary Jane’s!”

~ Sally, 64

“This salve is incredible! I have a serious ankle injury; years of therapy and surgeries. I nearly lost my foot twice; compound fractures and infections. My doc prescribed either fusing my ankle (not an option!) or multiple doses of barbiturates everyday (not an option!) Last summer I woke up and could barely walk. I had heard about the salve – so I bought some and within 10 minutes I went on a hike! I have used nothing but the salve since!

This salve saved me from a life full of pharmaceutical drugs!! Thanks!”

~ Corrine

“I had fracking fluid sprayed on my face when I worked on an oil rig. I had severe chemical burns across the left side of my face and it disfigured my nose. The chemicals lodged in my skin and every few months the chemicals would come to the surface of my skin and create painful boils and sores. I lived with this for over two years. It was not only very painful but also very ugly. When I spoke with people I would angle my face away from them because I was so self conscious of the way I looked. I heard about your salve and decided to try it. I did not think it would make much difference after living with this for two years but amazingly after just a couple weeks there was noticeable improvement- the scars started fading, the flesh on my nose started regenerating, and the chemicals that were lodged in my flesh seemed to get drawn out by the salve and stopped flaring up every few months. After about three months of using the salve on my face daily I was pretty much healed- which blew my mind! The only remaining trace of the incident is a small scar on my nose.

Thank you so much for creating this product that gave me my face back.”

~ Miguel, 33

“I injured my knee pretty badly right in the beginning of ski season. I had a bone contusion, minor fracture, and injury to my patella. My doctor told me it would take 6 – 8 weeks to heal, and prescribed me Percocet- gnarly stuff. Instead, I applied your Topical Tincture and Healing Salve. Within 2 days I could hobble around again, and within 2 weeks it was practically healed!

I also did not have to take the Percocet because the Tincture and the Salve took care of the pain too. I’m shredding again!”

~ Kip, 33

“I recently adopted a dog and she was spayed the day before I picked her up. As her incision started to heal it began to form a lump under the skin. After taking her to the vet to have it checked, they said it was more than likely scar tissue but to watch it and if it gets worse to bring her in. I came home and saw the salve in the cabinet and even though I know it’s for pain relief I figured I’d try it on the lump on my dog. I’ve been putting it on for about three weeks now and amazingly the lump is almost completely gone! It’s gotten so small that only when she lays on her back all stretched out can you even see the tiny lump.

So thank you for your lovely Salve! Dual purpose and highly effective in my opinion!”

~ Amber

“I have Lupus and I’ve been searching for something to help heal the sores we get at the corners of our mouths and inside our nostrils during a Lupus flare. The sores are very painful and aren’t really cold sores or comparable to just cracked skin, etc. and they don’t respond to anything other than time. Your Lip Bong is the first product the sores respond dramatically to. I have literally tried nearly 50 home remedies, lysine lip calm, compounds, medications, etc. to help with these sores and…

Lip Bong is the solution. It instantly calms the pain and actually somehow heals the sores within days (a process that usually takes 1-2 weeks and is painful all the way 🙂 Thank you! So happy to have found your product.”

~ Sissy, 51