Over the years that we’ve making these products, many MMJ patients have told us of a wide array of ailments and symptoms that these products help heal and relieve.

“I want to tell you that this salve is incredible! I have a serious ankle injury; years of therapy and surgeries. I nearly lost my foot twice; compound fractures and infection. My doc prescribed either fusing my ankle (not an option!) or multiple doses of barbiturates everyday (not an option!) Last summer I woke up and could barely walk. I had heard about the salve – so I bought some and within 10 minutes I went on a hike! I have used nothing but the salve since! I do yoga and exercise daily as well – but I know this salve save me from a life full of pharmaceutical drugs ~ !! Thanks !”
Corrine Fowler- 5/3/15

“I’ve fallen in love with your salve! I picked up a small jar at Herbal Wellness up here in Lafayette per their recommendation. WOW. This stuff really works!! It has helped my chronic back pain better than anything else I have tried! I have since recommended it to my stepmother who said it helped her get a full night’s sleep for the first time in months, and my brother, who has used it to cope with the pain from a recent car accident. I am telling everyone with any aches or pains about this stuff. Thank you for making such a phenomenal product that is so much better for us than aspirin or prescription pain pills!!”
Jordan, 25

“I have recently been plagued with acne, and wrinkles now in my late twenties. I have tried wrinkle creams and acne products but to no avail. Out of sheer desperation I slathered the salve all over my face after reading possible benefits of THC salve, and it has done wonders for my face. After three days my wrinkles on my forehead have settled, and my acne has completely cleared up. I have very sensitive skin and this felt thick going on but my skin didn’t react negatively at all. I just went and bought a huge jar from the Karmasuticals dispensary and told the staff about it. I love your product and I hope you never stop making it, it has been the best thing I have found for a beauty cream hands down. Thanks!”
Roxanne, 28

“For six years I lived with a cancer radiation burn the size of a dime. The mental anquish, the staff infections, hyperic-oxygen in a coffin , plastic surgeries. None of these treatments helped. With skepticism I tried your Cannabis Salve and amazingly within a week it has almost completely healed!! I have gone through six years of bleeding, pain, infections and much stress and concern. I am a 3x Cancer survivor but just the same I have felt overwhelmed. Thank You Mary Jane’s!”
Sally 64

“About a month ago I injured my knee pretty badly- and right in the beginning of ski season! I had a bone contusion, minor fracture, and injury to my patella. My doctor told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks to heal, and prescribed me Percoset- gnarly stuff. Instead I applied your Topical Tincture and Healing Salve. Within 2 days I could hobble around again, and within 2 weeks it was practically healed! Oh,, I also did not have to take the Percoset because the Tincture and the Salve took care of the pain too. I’m shredding again! I also put some of the tincture on one of those deep painful zits the other day, and it pulled the zit to the surface, dried it out, and stopped it from hurting- so cool!”
Kip 36

“Every morning, I used to wake up and my feet were purple from lack of circulation and painful. Within minutes of rubbing Mary Jane’s oil into my feet, they return to a pink color and are pain free.”
Scott, 65

“I’ve been plagued with hemorrhoids which led to an anal fissure, which led to a perianal abscess, which led to surgery 9/4 that ended in a Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (yes it is as terrible as it sounds, it sounds like something from a Mel Brooks movie doesn’t it haha)… anyway, your products have given me so much relief. Two weeks ago I got another abscess and the only thing I changed was that I ran out of the hash bath. The doctor is at a loss as to what to do next- he told me to keep soaking!”
Susan 48

“I have cut my medications for painful arthritis in half since I discovered Mary Jane’s Medicinal’s Heaaling Salve.”
Elizabeth, 88

“My tremors and pain from MS are incredibly reduced after receiving a Mary Jane’s Medicinal full body massage. My joint pain is also noticeably decreased.”
Lisa, 48

“As a massage therapist, this product has been the best tool I’ve discovered to benefit both my clients and for my personal self care and injury prevention for my practice in seven years.”
Ambrosia, 31

So I became an immediate fan of your Cannabis Salve the day I bought the $5 sampler. I’m sure you know this but it is absolutely amazing. I use it to help relieve migraines, cure chapped lips (1 application needed all day!), prevent sunburn damage, aftershave and best of all it killed a wart! I tried it with doubt in my mind but the salve in fact not only stopped further growth but shrank the wart until it was gone…..this blows my mind as I thought the only intervention for warts was surgery/procedure. Anyway enough of my rant, Ill continue to go about and spread the good word of your awesome product line as I have recruited a few already. Thank you so much for your products and wish you all the best!
Sandy 48

I wanted to let you know that you created a wonderful product when you came out with your salve.
It is truly, a healing product. It healed up a boil that was trying to fester on my leg. I put your Mary Jane salve on it and it cleared it up in three days. where it would of taken nearly two weeks.
It also works on painful, sore, and discomforted areas. It takes my anxiety pain in my chest away helped with pain in my esophagus, my fingers, forearms, etc.
I don’t care what anyone says about MJ. The Products WORK and are Truly AMAZING.
HATS OFF TO YOU and Your Products.
Thank You so much. You are a Godsend.
Teri 43

We heard a great story involving the Heavenly Hash Bath… Apparently a woman in Denver bought a Hash Bath to share a romantic bathing experience with her boyfriend. The bath put them both in such a loving mood, that her boyfriend proposed in the tub! She attributes the proposal to the amazing mood the Heavenly Hash Bath helped create. We’re sure there are bigger and better reasons he proposed but we love it!!!!

I love your Lip Bong it is wonderful. My lip is healing because of it and the salve is great too. I put it on the places I have pain and its gone. Your products are awesome. I was over joyed to see that my Care Giver was carrying your products. Thank You for coming up with all of these wonderful products that really help heal the body. Its better than the Doc. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Have a Wonderful Day. God Bless You and the many products to come.
Barry 36

I just bought your 1 oz salve from my local dispensary. I have been in terrible pain from an anal fissure and I put a dab on a piece of toilet paper and applied it to the fissure. Not only did it immediately decrease the pain but the cannabinoids absorbed through the blood vessels and got me very medicated without the need to smoke or eat the cannabis. It would be a terrific idea for you to look into the effectiveness of your salve on fissures. No other company advertises such an affect from their salve. Thank you so much for creating such a tremendous product.
Frank 54

We have been selling Mary Jane’s for a little over a year now. I can’t say enough about them. It is, in our opinion, one of the best topicals in Colorado. Our patients love them. Our staff love the products and are always excited to explain all the benefits of Mary Jane’s Medicinals. Personally, I have integrated the salve into my daily routine. It does wonders for my aching hands and knees. I’m also not reeking like a grow room as with some of the other salves I’ve tried. The lip balm and lotion are winter essentials!
I will continue to keep your products on my shelves…in store and at home!
Thank You Mary Jane!
Triton G. owner- Crossroads MMC