This incredible salve has so many wonderful applications we have not even discovered all of them yet. Some of these include relief of headaches, cramps, joint pain, muscle aches, and itchy rashes.   Cannabis used topically also speeds healing time for injuries and surgeries, while acting as a pain killer and anti inflammatory.  You will find you do not have to use as many of the harsh pharmaceutical pain killers during the rehabilitation of your injury. It is very effective for relieving pain associated with arthritis as well.  We have also had incredible feedback from women who have had breast cancer surgeries, who have reported that it has helped heal the scarring, nerve damage, and even radiation burns that would not heal on their own.  People who deal with the embarrassing frustration of psoriasis and eczema have reported that it is one of the few natural remedies that is effective in decreasing the red patches of flakey skin.  It also promotes circulation and smoothes wrinkles for healthier and younger looking skin. Apply to neck and shoulders before bed and sleep soundly all night long.