Mary Janes Medicinals Salve

I love using this massage oil sooo much. It helps with all my aches and pains. I especially love using it on my legs after workouts. It relaxes my muscles and joints so much. It’s such a relief. So glad I found this!

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Mary Janes Medicinals Salve

Dahlia Mertens, the founder of marijuana-infused-lotion maker Mary Jane’s Medicinals, dips her hands back into her salve and tells me I should rub it in the middle of my forehead–“on your third eye.”

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For founder Dahlia Mertens, a natural and holistic approach to health and well-being has always been a passion. As a ski town massage therapist, she started experimenting with infused oil early on and was soon helping her clients address complaints of chronic pain.

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Mary Janes Medicinals Massage Oil

Dahlia Mertens took her love for holistic healing, combined it with a massage therapy practice, and eventually birthed the cannabis-infused body product line Mary Jane’s Medicinals.

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There’s a Cannabis-Infused Bath Soak That Can Actually Help With Managing Pain and Anxiety

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Mary Janes Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath

We just rounded up the best cannabis beauty products out there, but this bud-infused, soothing soak stands out in effectiveness and delivery…

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Dope Magazine

…I used the salve on my temples and neck. I immediately noticed that it didn’t take much of the salve to get the job done, and it took effect within 10 minutes.

My headache was barely noticeable the rest of the evening, and it was the first time that day that I wasn’t focused on my pain.

When I used the salve on my neck and shoulders, the results were similar, with the added bonus of helping release tension and tightness. I’ll be keeping this salve handy from now on!…

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“Women & Weed”

After you try it the first time, you’re gonna be hooked!

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Merry Jane

Mary Janes Medicinals Tinctures

“Top Topicals”

…it’s a perfect potion to use on temples for stress relief, to target blemishes or on sore spots.

Mary Janes Medicinals Salves

This miracle salve solves almost any ailment…

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Edibles Magazine

Mary Janes Medicinals Salve

…an all natural cannabis infused topical salve that truly does alleviate pain and helps heals any skin or body symptoms and ailments.

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Lift News

Mary Janes Medcinals Hash Bath

…soothing sensations of regular bath salts, with an extra hit of analgesic relief.

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Dope Magazine Article

“Sweet Relief”

…all you have to do is rub it on.

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BHC Club

… This luxurious, medical marijuana pain relief salve truly did leave our skin feeling like silk and the organic, natural ingredients are simultaneously working to repair, protect, and condition the skin.

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mg retailer

… ease tension and pain. You have not had a massage until you’ve experienced a “ganjassage.”

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THC The Hemp Connoissuer

“Women are here to stay and why it’s good for cannabis”

Mary Janes Medicinals Logo

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Owner of Mary Janes Medcinals - Dahlia Mertens

Cannabis Radio

Dahlia Mertens, the founder of Mary Jane’s Medicinals, talks to AC Braddock about how she first learned about marijuana topicals during her earlier days doing massage therapy.

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Do cannabis Infused Topical work

the cannabist

Do cannabis-infused topicals really work? The Cannabist interviews Dahlia Mertens of Mary Jane’s Medicinals to find out.

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Marijuana Legalization 2015: Women Are Making Their Mark On The Cannabis Industry

Dahlia Mertens, founder of Mary Jane’s Medicinals, interviewed.

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