Can you ship these products to me?

The laws only allow us to wholesale our products to dispensaries in Colorado at this time. So the products need to be purchased from a dispensary in Colorado. We can not do mail orders or sell directly to customers.

Are these products legal outside the state of Colorado?

Cannabis is still considered federally illegal so when these products cross state lines it becomes a federal issue and are therefore not legal.

Will using these products show up on a drug test?

We have conducted several urine tests on people that just use the topicals and do not smoke or ingest cannabis, and all of those tests came back negative. Several doctors have conducted drug tests on their patients that did not want THC to interact with other medications they had prescribed and those tests came back negative too. However, we do not make any guarantees and suggest that people conduct a test on themselves after using the products for their own peace of mind.

Will I get high when I use these products?

It does not seem like the THC enters the bloodstream due to the fact that it does not show up on the drug tests we have conducted. People report feeling increased relaxation after using our products but reports of actually feeling “high” are very rare

Where can I find these products?

There is a list on the website under locations. Please call the store in advance to make sure the products are in stock.

Can I ingest your products?

These products are not designed for internal consumption- they are designed specifically for topical application.

How often should I apply your product?

We suggest starting with a twice a day application and increasing as necessary. You can safely apply the products as often as you like.

Will these products interact with other medications?

Cannabis is a natural and gentle herb that does not typically react with prescription drugs. However, we suggest you consult with your doctor if this is a concern.

Can I use these products during pregnancy?

It is probably safe considering the THC is not entering the bloodstream, but we suggest you consult your doctor as well.

How do I become a retailer of your products?

Please email us through the contact page and we will get you set up.

I am a massage therapist, can I use your products legally in my practice?

In the state of Colorado it is legal for adults to give other adults small amounts of cannabis. So the use of the oil in a massage as long as no up charge for the oil was added should be considered legal. However, only licensed dispensaries can retail our products. It would also be legal for a client to bring their own oil that they purchased at a dispensary in for use during a massage.

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