A natural and holistic approach to health and well-being has always been a passion of Mary Jane’s Medicinals founder, Dahlia Mertens.

Indeed, this passion is the inspiration behind her wildly successful healing product line, created in 2009, in southwest Colorado.

While working as a massage therapist in the small town of Telluride, Dahlia began infusing massage oil with cannabis, in order to provide a more relaxing massage to her clients, many of whom suffered from chronic pain.

Not only did her clients experience relaxation, but to Dahlia’s surprise, her clients began reporting back to her of chronic pain and serious health issues being alleviated or even healed. This was very exciting!

She engaged in available research, and began to do her own. Mixing up different formulations of small batches in her kitchen to see what worked best, she was able to develop her line of healing products. She hit the road, knocking on dispensary doors all over Colorado.

The topical application of cannabis was little known at the time, and there was almost no information out there on why it worked, but she believed in the products and knew that they had a great deal of potential to help a lot of people.

The testimonials began pouring in. Today, Mary Jane’s Medicinals is an industry leader in topical healing products.

Dahlia’s passion for holistic wellness is the same today as it was back in 2009. She started by making small batches in her kitchen and the products are still produced with care in small batches today.

There is a lot of love in every product!

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